july 2021

5 benefits
of teleconferencing

If you own or operate a business, you know that meetings are an important element of your daily operations.

Just a few years ago, bringing employees, colleagues and clients from different cities together was difficult and even impossible in some situations.  But nowadays, it's much easier thanks to phone conferencing and web conferencing services. Negotel, an important provider of business telecommunications services in Montreal, Laval, Quebec city and across canada -- business phone lines( SIP Trunking PRI) and Business internet services --  reveals 5 benefits of long distance conferencing.

A few benefits

Save Money and Time

Each time you use web conferencing and teleconferencing services, you are saving money. Imagine: no hotel costs, no meal coasts and no conference room rental fees...Not to mention all the money and time you are saving by cutting down on travel.

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Easy Invoicing

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You can count on Negotel to provide you with the Web and Phone Conferencing solutions your business needs.

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