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Negotel Hosted IP Phone Systems

Are you ready to make the transition to a modern, high-performance telephone solution?

Our IP hosted telephony system is designed to meet your company's needs, while avoiding costly investments.

With Negotel's IP hosted telephony, you can benefit from an advanced communication system, without the constraints of a physical infrastructure. Our fixed or wireless IP phones, as well as our applications for computers and smartphones, give you total flexibility to stay connected wherever you are.

Say goodbye to the limitations of old-fashioned telephony systems and discover a new way to communicate.

3CX Technology

The 3CX offers many communication benefits for businesses. With its cloud-based IP telephony, it offers complete flexibility, allowing employees to access the phone system from any device connected to the Internet. In addition, it offers advanced features such as instant messaging, video conferencing and screen sharing, enabling collaboration between teams, even from a distance. 3CX is also easy to manage, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive configuration tools. By opting for 3CX, companies benefit from a modern, efficient communication solution adapted to their specific needs.

Some available options with 3CX

Cellphone Application

IP telephony without limits. Communicate from your smartphone, wherever you are. Stay connected and simplify your communications.

Desktop Application

Optimized IP communication. Take advantage of IP telephony on your computer for smooth business calls. A practical and efficient solution to stay connected and communicate without constraints.

Virtual Fax

Digitize your business communications. Use IP telephony to send and receive faxes efficiently and paper free.

Call center

Powerful IP telephony. Manage calls efficiently with dedicated applications. Maximise productivity and deliver a superior customer experience.

Automated call reception

Automatic call reception. Save time and provide superior service.

Call Recording

Record your calls with ease. Keep a precious record of your conversations.

Conference Calling

Conference calls for up to 3 participants. Connect, collaborate and communicate with ease.

Call Statistics

Explore your call statistics. Gain key insights to optimize your communications.

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VoIP Packages

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95 $ / month

Are you ready for the switch to Voice over IP?

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How to switch to VoIP in 3 easy steps

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Determine the number of extensions

Define the number of users with phone needs

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Identify your equipment requirements

Phones, cellular applications, softphones

SIP trunking

Pick your technology

A certified expert will help you make the right choice for your requirements

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Discover a wide selection of digital and IP phones from Yealink, Fortinet, Spectralink, Grandstream and Panasonic

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Softphones offers a convenient alternative to the traditional desk phone, with a host of other significant benefits:

  • Allows communications from anywhere
  • Can do video conferences between two users

Software phones are a modern and efficient choice that opens up new possibilities for communication and teamwork.

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We offer some of the best network uptime and availibilty in the industry

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VoIP plans & packages

Bicom Hosted Phone System

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Starting at

95 $ per user

Unlimited lines, price per user

3CX Hosted Phone System

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Starting at

95 $ per month

Licence by number of lines, no user fees

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