Dedicated fiber internet

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Dedicated fiber internet

Dedicated fibre internet offers top-of-the-range, ultra-fast and reliable connectivity exclusively for your business. You benefit from dedicated bandwidth, avoiding slowdowns and speed fluctuations. With reduced latency, you can communicate in real time and access online applications quickly. Choose our dedicated fibre internet service for optimal 24/7 connectivity and dedicated technical support. 

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A few benefits of a dedicated fibre optic 

Ultra high speed

Enjoy high bandwidth for fast, smooth data transfers

Increased Reliability

Dedicated fibre optic internet offers greater reliability than other types of internet connection

Reduced Latency

With dedicated fibre optic internet, you benefit from reduced latency, which means that data is transferred almost instantly.

Scalability and flexibility

Dedicated fibre optic internet is highly scalable and flexible, so you can adapt your connection to suit your business needs.

Symmetrical connection

Dedicated fibre optic internet offers a symmetrical connection for fast data transfers in both directions, ideal for businesses that frequently process large files.

Enhanced security

Dedicated fibre optic connections offer enhanced security, with data transmitted in the form of light signals that are difficult to intercept

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Dedicated 100/100 fibre Internet

Starting at

95 $

Fixed ip addresses included. Multiple speeds available.
200 / 300 / 500 / 1000 / 2000

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