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SIP Trunking for Business

If you are looking for an efficient business communication service for your company, SIP trunking is the ideal solution! 

Put all your company's branches on one system, share channels between offices and adjust the number of channels to suit your needs. Plus, enjoy a single channel with an unlimited number of phone numbers. With SIP trunking, you can also get DID numbers in major cities across Canada for fast call reception on the first ring!


Consolidation of all your branches on one system

Channel sharing between your offices

Possibility of a single channel with an unlimited number of telephone numbers

Ability to obtain DID numbers in major cities across Canada

Adapt the number of channels to your needs

A few benefits of SIP Trunking

Superior Sound Quality

Enjoy clearer reception

Faster call reception

Connect on the first ring

Reduced Costs

More affordable than traditional telephony technologies

Better Inbound Call Management

Caller ID that appears immediately after the first ring

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SIP Trunking Plans

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95 $ / month

Benefit from an IP connection for your business phone system 

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