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Unlock the potential of your IP Phone Systems with the right equipment and services

With our state-of-the-art equipment and services, you'll benefit from exceptional audio quality, advanced features and unrivalled reliability. Don't let your IP telephony hold you back from growth and success. Rely on our expertise and unlock the full potential of your IP telephony system today.

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Hybrid IPBX

Panasonic NS 700 Hybrid IP PBX platform

The KS-NS700 hybrid IP PBX is the ideal choice for businesses and government organizations in all sectors. This system offers unrivalled flexibility to small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve the profitability of their telephony by combining IP and traditional lines. Benefit from a solution tailored to your specific needs, while enjoying the advantages of both technologies. Simplify your communications and increase your company's efficiency with the KS-NS700 hybrid IP PBX.

  • Up to 250 users on a single site
  • Simplified installation and maintenance
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Panasonic Hybrid IP PBX KS-NS700

Grandstream GXW4200 Hybrid Phone System 

The FXS Grandstream GXw4200 gateway is the ideal solution for connecting your traditional analog telephone lines to an IP telephony system. With its versatility and advanced features, it offers seamless integration between analog and IP networks. Enjoy exceptional audio quality and easy call management, while preserving your existing infrastructure. The FXS Grandstream GXw4200 gateway lets you optimize your communications by combining the best of both worlds.

  • Gigabit network port
  • Advanced security protection with SRTP/TLS/HTTPS
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Grandstream GXW4200 Hybrid Phone System

Desktop Phones

Yealink TW54 SIP phone

The Yealink T54w IP phone is an ideal choice for businesses. With its 4.3" color touchscreen, HD audio quality and advanced features, it delivers high-quality business communication. With Bluetooth compatibility, integrated Wi-Fi and wireless headset support, it will meet the needs of modern businesses.

  • Adjustable High-Resolution Display
  • Acoustic Shield technology
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Yealink TW54 SIP phone

Fortinet FON-480 IP Phone

The FON-480 IP phone is a complete communications solution with FXS and PRI gateways. With its extensive connectivity, it offers maximum flexibility for businesses. Thanks to the FXS ports, you can connect your traditional telephone devices, while the PRI gateway lets you connect to digital telephony networks. Enjoy outstanding audio quality, advanced call management and seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. The FON-480 IP phone is perfectly adapted to the needs of businesses that want to make the most of their communications.

  • Built-in Bluetooth headset support
  • Supports both on-premises or cloud solutions
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Fortinet FON-480 IP Phone

Panasonic KX-NT680 IP Phone

Discover the Panasonic NT680 IP phone, the ideal solution for businesses looking for state-of-the-art professional communication. With its elegant design, colour touchscreen and outstanding audio quality, this phone offers an immersive and productive communication experience. With advanced features like voicemail, speed dial and call management, the Panasonic NT680 makes it easy to manage your day-to-day communications. Its user-friendly, intuitive interface lets you easily navigate menus and customize settings to suit your preferences.

  • Large Color LCD with 480 x 272 pixel
  • Supported SRTP for secure communication
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Panasonic KX-NT680 IP Phone

Wireless Phones

Spectralink 8440 Wi-Fi Phone

The Spectralink 8440 Wi-Fi phone is a state-of-the-art wireless communications solution. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, it lets you stay connected and communicate freely in your business environment. With its ergonomic, robust design, it offers excellent audio quality and a full range of professional features. The Spectralink 8440 Wi-Fi is perfectly suited to businesses looking for a reliable, high-performance mobile communications solution.

  • Integrated web browser to connect users to web-based applications
  • IP64 rated and durably built to withstand drops and dust
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Spectralink 8440 Wi-Fi Phone

Grandstream WP825 Wi-Fi Phone

The Grandstream WP825 Wi-Fi phone offers reliable, convenient wireless communication. With its integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, it lets you make high-quality calls wherever you are in your working environment. With its elegant design and advanced features, it offers a smooth and efficient communication experience for professionals.

  • Integrated Bluetooth to connect headsets
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi with efficient antenna design
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Grandstream WP825 Wi-Fi Phone

Yealink DECT W57R wireless phone

The Yealink W57R DECT phone offers a practical, reliable wireless solution for businesses. With its outstanding audio quality and color display, it lets you stay connected and manage your communications with ease. With its extended range, long battery life and resistance to interference, Yealink W57R guarantees clear, uninterrupted communication. It's also equipped with advanced features such as voicemail, speed dial and call management, for the ultimate DECT telephony experience.

  • 1.8" color screen with intuitive UI
  • Up to 40 hours of talk
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Yealink W57R SIP phone
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