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Hosted Telephony

Increased flexibility image

Increased flexibility

Combines all of your business's devices (phones, cell phones, computers, etc.)

Ease of use Image

Easy to use

All new user-friendly features that are easy to learn

Mobile Application

Mobile App

IOS and Android compatible Mobile Application


Lower Invoices

Monthly and Annual savings for an advanced telephony service

Free Updates

You will always get the latest features and updates at no extra cost

Features and benefits of hosted telephony

Benefits, features and options

Available with our hosted telephony service!


  • Low acquisition and operating costs
  • Get new features yearly at no additional cost
  • Integrated Peer-to-peer between your sites and your teleworkers
  • Access the platform from anywhere


  • All the basic phone functions
  • Email Forwarding of messages
  • Follow me / find me (function)
  • Phone software support on computers, smart phones and tablets
  • Automated Call Reception


  • Call Recording
  • Call Center
  • Phone Software
  • Speaker System
  • And more...


Our service offers our customers the possibility to replace current phones with a hosted telephone system solution for at a low cost. 

Define the number of phones

Choose phone models for each user

Define the number of mobile applications

Mobile Applications are compatible with IOS and Android

Define the number of IP Phone lines

Negotel Télécom only uses quality products in order to offer its customers unparalleled robustness.

Telephony Software

VoIP Phone software can replace your desktop phones

Other Benefits

  • Allows communications from anywhere
  • Create video conferences between two users