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The 5 benefits of Negotel's videoconferencing and teleconferencing services.

The 5 benefits of teleconferencing

If you own or operate a business, you know that meetings are an important element of your daily operations. Just a few years ago, bringing employees, colleagues and clients from different cities together was difficult and even impossible in some situations.  But nowadays, it’s much easier thanks to phone conferencing and web conferencing services. Negotel, an important provider of business telecommunications services in Montreal, Laval, Quebec city and across canada -- business phone lines ( SIP Trunking PRI) and Business internet services --  reveals 5 benefits of long distance conferencing.

1. Save Money and Time
Each time you use web conferencing and teleconferencing services, you are saving money. Imagine: no hotel costs, no meal coasts and no conference room rental fees...Not to mention all the money and time you are saving by cutting down on travel.

2.  A golden opportunity to consolidate business relationships.
Since our conferencing services are easy to use, you won't have any trouble maintaining business relationships.  If your offices are split between Montreal and Quebec city, web conferencing will help increase interactivity and strengthen the bonds within your team. 

3.  Technology that optimizes efficiency and productivity
With less travel, your team will have more time to focus on getting the important things done, greatly improving your business’s efficiency and productivity. Interestingly, studies have shown that people are more attentive during web conferences than when they are attending a conference in person. You can say, in this case, technology is the great rallier!

4.  Going greener
By using web conferencing and teleconferencing technologies,  you’re actually helping the planet out. Traveling contributes to greenhouse gas emissions;  by keeping your team at the office you're actually helping to reduce the amount of CO2 expelled into the atmosphere by trains, planes and automobiles.  When it comes to the environment, every little gesture counts.

5.  Helps alleviate workplace stress
Finally, web conferencing is a great way to alleviate the stress that comes with planning meetings (room and equipment reservations...) and travelling between different offices (traffic jams and mechanical breakdowns…) .

You can count on Negotel to provide you with the Web, Video and Phone Conferencing solutions your business needs.

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